Benefits of Massage

The Benefits of Canine Massage:
Regular, consistent massage therapy is an invaluable opportunity to maintain your pet's good health. It can potentially provide tremendous increases to an animal's quality of life, longevity and mobility. When animals are massaged regularly, their bodies consistently function at a higher, more efficient level. This allows the bodies of self-healing properties to remain consistent which can possibly ward off or ease the onset of inevitable or predisposed health conditions. In addition, massage provides numerous benefits to the mental health and behavior of pets.
Massage is not a luxury item for dogs but an important technique for improving your dog's well-being. Dogs have muscles too. Just like humans, dogs can get strained and sore muscles from several factors.
Massage can benefit with the growing and socializing in the young, enhancing comfort and quality of life for seniors.

Even for your average companion dog, massage is a great tool for keeping your pet in top emotional and physical condition.
Since it is non-invasive, almost any dog, cat or other animal is a good candidate for a massage or other method of bodywork.
Canine massage, like good nutrition and exercise, is an important component of preventive health care for your dog.


Please note that Massage and Reiki are a cooperative modality to western medicine. They should NEVER be substituted for veterinary care.